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Ms. Miller is a certified Master Life Coach with 6 years of experience and is a trainer and facilitator. she is also a certified substance abuse intern. She co- facilitates parenting, relationship and Life Coach classes and training. She is the Co - founder of HART. Ms. Miller previously worked for USPS for over 27 years.   

Earl Barrios Jr., M.S.,

We at HART provide services and training using a holistic approach to behavioral health care. Our approach utlitizes Life Coaching, counseling and theraputic services, and meditation trainings.

Our staff includes Licensed Therapists, Certified Life Coaches and Certified Drug and Alcohol Specialist.

HART's program director is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Life Coach and Certified Drug and Alcohol Specialist. He has over 30 + yrs of experience in the behavioral health care field, and 15 yrs working with veterans.

Hart provides training classes to become a Certified Life Coach with extensive training to prepare you for clients and set you up for success.

We provide one on one counseling as well as various group classes


LPCC #229 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Types Addiction Specialist # C18281214 

   Mr. Barrios has 30 + years experience in the mental health field this includes and 15 + years working with veterans. Mr. Barrios has extensive experience as a Master Life Coach, training Life Coaches in the Central Valley and Tri Valley areas. Since 2014 he has been on the board of Behavior Sciences as a subject matter expert (SME). He was a mental health counselor for Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare Design Team. He is a Parenting Specialist developing and implementing curriculum in child development for Alameda County. He is the founder of HART.    


Linda Miller

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