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- Coaching  is your opportunity to take life from good to great -

Life Coaches are in the forefront of todays helping profession. Life Coaches are impacting the world in a positive way everyday.

  Are you the type of person people are drawn to for help and support?  Then you probably already have a natural ability for coaching

- Have you always wanted to help people ?

- Would you like to inspire and motivate others to create a better life?

- Are you looking for a new purpose and direction?

- Do you want to help others create a life with less stress?

- Do you seek a deeply satisfying and financial rewarding career?


HART's Life Coach Training focuses on group training along with field experience. Training will be to provide an understanding of human behavior, self - care, and how to get a client ready for change, and how to assist your clients with achieving their goals

* Our program requires a commitment of one of the following programs -

- one weekend - 16 hours (includes homework)

- two weekends - 32 hours ( includes homework)


* Our fee is

$ 695 per person for 2 day weekend Training

$ 1200 per person for 4 day (2) weekend Training

* includes cost of all materials and supplies. 

Do you have what it takes to be a Life Coach?

​​Life Coaching

 Life Coaching is different from consulting, mentoring, advising, therapy and counseling. The coaching process addresses issues by utilizing your strengths, insights and understanding of your situations. You with your coach will identify your needs, and build life changing solutions.

- Have you tried to change behaviors that cause you problems without success?

- Happiness always eludes you

-  Do you need to be more productive?

- Do you know what to do but lack the discipline?

- Do you want to increase your earning capability?   

Life Coaches help you develop an individualized plan with personal recommendations for you and your coach to ensure you reach your goals for a better tomorrow.

Life Coaches provided individual coaching  in the areas of -

- Relationships/ Intimacy

- Stress Management

- Anger Management

- Substance Abuse/  Dependence

- Parenting issues

- Couples Relationships

- Health, Aging, Life - Style, and Self - Care and Motivation

- Career Planning and Development

- Spirituality and Personal Growth