​Bipolar Groups​

Anger Management

HART uses a court - based curriculum. Anger Management classes will teach participants effective communication and listening techniques, skills in stress management, empathy development, judgement and impulse control, anger reduction techniques in self - talk, forgiveness, and more

Life Coaching

 The Coaching process addresses issues by utilizing your strengths, insights and understanding of your situations. You and your

Life Coaches will develop an individualized plan with personal recommendations for you and your coach to ensure you reach your goals for a better tomorrow.


$495 - 10 hrs                              

$695 - 15 hrs

$895 - 20 hrs

Parenting Seminars

We have spent years reviewing evidence best practice research in parenting and literature uncovering the " best of the best " in parenting concepts. Our parenting approach, which is well documented, includes ideas that have stood the test of time and worked well for many parents. we offer group classes as well as one on one sessions with our certified Life Coaches

$45 - Individuals

$65 - Couples

​Relationship Counseling​ Groups

Life Coaching Groups​


Therapeutic intervention includes individual or group counseling, psychotherapy and treatment services provided by trained, certified professional therapists. Our HART intervention program relies on cognitive - based therapy that addresses irrational thinking and attempts to restructure the thought processes 

* fee $125 per hour ( sliding scale)